About us


A translation agency founded in 2000, Liberty Consulting has amassed 16 years of experience in the field of translation.

Liberty Consulting combines expertise and experience to provide linguistic solutions worldwide, supported by an administration and communication system accessible by both clients and translators.

Liberty Consulting has developed its business by focussing on its clients' needs, by adapting to a dynamic market with ever-changing language service requirements, and by specialising in the fields of clinical research, pharmaceuticals and medical devices & instruments. Reassured by the satisfaction of market-leading international clients, we have diversified production by further specialising in the manufacturing sector (technical documentation, user instructions...), in the legal field (contracts, court rulings, oaths...) and in communications (websites, sales brochures...).

Today we are proud to be able to meet the quality requirements of companies both large and small. 


Our assets

Liberty Consulting in a few figures

  • 16 years' experience in the translation field
  • Some 400 clients in a variety of sectors
  • Over 300 translators worldwide
  • Over 1500 projects handled each year
  • Single point of contact for each client


Unique internal expertise


  • Mechanical and industrial engineer, holder of an MBA and financial expert
  • Expert in management and quality with over 30 years' experience in the quality sector
  • Certified third-party quality auditor in the automotive and aeronautics sectors


Our team and employees


Selected in accordance with strict criteria, they are all specialists in their respective fields and only translate into their mother tongue.

Project managers:

Your single point of contact, they will provide you with a quote within 24 hours and analyse your project to ensure that it is assigned to the appropriate specialist translator.


A key factor in translation quality, a professional proofreader reviews every document to verify compliance with the source text, to ensure editorial quality (style, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.) and to check formatting.


Professional applications to maximise translation quality

A secure administration applicationoffering each client their own personal area to monitor quote requests, orders, project progress, deadlines and invoices.
Translation software with a customised memory for each client which both maximises cost effectiveness and guarantees uniformity in terms of terminology and phraseology.


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